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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


For Apps is one of In Loco’s products with an exclusive focus on the app market. We divide our product in three strands: Engage, enabling the sending of push notification based in physical contexts; the Analytics, which brings personalized data about your app, taking into consideration the behavior of the users in the offline world; and the Address validation, verification of residence without the need of documents nor photos.

The For Apps' precification is based on the volume and complexity of the use case. Please contact us to get to know better about this point!

You can sign up our dashboard and then follow this documentation to integrate our SDK (our technology) in your app. Only after that step you will be able to start using its functionalities.

Yes! You just have to go to applications smartphone and follow the same steps that are in the integration docs.

You can check it by entering in the application you have already added, clicking in integration diagnosis and then check device.

We will collect only the user’s location data and recurrence in the use of the app, which are treated anonymously by In Loco. We will not collect personal identifiable information and we respect the user’s privacy

Yes! It is mandatory to add a mention to In Loco in your privacy policy. The suggested text can be found right below.

The application [app name] has the geolocation technology owned by IN LOCO TECNOLOGIA DA INFORMAÇÃO S.A. (“In Loco”). This technology allows the capture of location data and applicaiton usage recurrence, that are collected and treated anonymously by In Loco, so that you can receive personalized Push Notifications in the app

By accepting this Terms of Use, the user declares that knows and agrees with the collection and treatment of it's data by In Loco, as set forth in the In Loco Privacy Policy.


The notifications are sent according to the user’s location. Once he visits the place you’ve previously set, he will receive the push.

You can take a look in this article to follow a step by step.

It is possible to reach users at home, at work, in specific places of our base and in top places in a category. You can also create a place list to make it easier for the selection of the places in the moment of the campaign creation.

You can take a look into this article to see step by step on how to make this insertion. It is super easy 😉

The ones that visit the delivery places that you’ve selected in the third page of the campaign creation 😉

Currently no. But we are working on this functionality!


The Analytics is one of the features of For Apps that informs, through graphics and maps how does your base of users behave in places of the physical world. It is divided between the Visit Analytics and the Place Analytics

The Visit Analytics brings information more related to the visits. It is possible to visualize the number of visits of the users of your app per category, in a specific location and in a specific time stamp for instance.

As for the Place Analytics, it brings more detail about a specific place.

Visits Analytics

Visits Analytics

Places Analytics

Places Analytics

It is possible to select which app do you want to visualize the information!

App selection

App selection

The first step after the sign up in the platform is the integration of our SDK in your app. You can take a look into this documentation to do this process.

Yes! It is possible to create a campaign with the places or categories shown in the analytics.

Create campaign for Top Places

Campaign for Top Places

Create campaign for work near a place

Campaign for work near a place

You can add it as your favourite and then visualize its information in the same tab. 😉

Favorite category

Favorite category

No, we do not have this type of visualization in the platform.

Address Validation

We make a comparison between the address that the user provides and the data collected with our technology.

Idealmente, é algo instantâneo, mas pode levar alguns dias dependendo de cada usuário.

No. We do not have access to personal identifiable information of the users. In that way, we can make the address validation ensuring total privacy.