In Loco For Apps

Are your app users abandoning the registration funnel?

Increase onboarding performance by address validation through geolocation intelligence


Open more account validating addresses with no need of document upload.

A innovative way of Address Validation

Increase onboarding performance

More opened accounts, faster process, without the need to scale backoffice.

Better app experience

Address validation with no need for document upload.

Privacy protected by design

Without collecting or processing any PII.

Increase user activation performance, while delivering a better user experience.


Low acquisition cost

User acquisition cost reduction up to 40%.


Less dropoff

Dropoff reduction as high as 30%.


Better experience

Address validation with no need for document upload


Much faster

Validation time reduction in 80%.

How it works

In Loco SDK integration with your app.

User starts the onboarding process and inserts his home address.

In Loco starts the process of address validation.

Address provided is confirmed.

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Convenience with privacy

In Loco technology works without using or relying on PII (personally identifiable information).